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GCPPI now offer thermal imaging pest inspections in and around the Gold Coast!

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging camera devices use infrared technology that allows the detection of termites and other pests in places where there is a lack of light, through differences in heat energy that the human eye alone cannot detect. The heat energy produced by any living creatures will show up on the detection camera in visible contrast to inanimate objects when using thermal imaging. Termites require hot and humid conditions and their nests will easily show on detection cameras as they produce higher levels of energy than surrounding areas.

How are thermal imaging devices used to locate termites and other pests?

Thermal imaging technology greatly assists the location of termites and other pests, by detecting energy differences straight through walls, floors, stairs and other surfaces, including bricks. This is particularly useful for brick homes where detection may normally be difficult as it is simple and non-damaging way to search for possible termite infestations. We use this detection method to give you the most accurate report for any inspection.

Advantages of arranging a thermal imaging pest inspection:

  • Non-damaging method of inspection
  • Fast and effective detection of infestation
  • Ease of location of nests for baiting
  • Combines with other detection methods for a cost efficient and thorough pest inspection

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