Termite Inspection | Building and Pest Inspections Gold Coast | Pre-Purchase InspectionsGold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspections can ensure your home or office is termite proof

At Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspections, we have decades of experience in dealing with termites. We know what to look for and can easily detect a termite presence, whether it be in your home, office or industrial or commercial building.

 Termite inspections are essential when buying a property

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world. If left undetected they can condemn a whole building. Termite damage can make your home unsafe and can also cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

When buying a new property, we encourage you to include a pest and termite inspection as part of your pre-purchase inspection. We’ll not only discover the termites for you, but we can also determine the amount of damage the termites have caused. Finding out this information before you purchase a property will make a world of difference.

We are qualified to fumigate, repair and protect ensuring your building is termite proof

After we’ve completed our termite inspection, we’ll provide you with a report detailing our findings, including photographic evidence. Our report will also include any necessary maintenances and repair advice. We can also educate you on the areas of your home that are susceptible to termites.

As qualified pest control specialists and builders, we can then fumigate your building, carry out any repairs and install a termite barrier ensuring your home or commercial property will be safe from future infestations.

Termites can be found in any kind of timber throughout your building

– Walls– Skirting boards– Floor boards– Timber posts
– Decking– Hand rails– Timber stairs– Fences
– Retaining walls– Landscaping– Sheds– Trees

If required, we can use thermal imaging technology

If required, we can use thermal imaging technology as part of our termite inspection process. If you have termites our expertise and expert equipment guarantee we will find them.

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Whether you’re buying or selling your property, contact Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspections for all your termite inspection and termite barrier needs. We’re committed to helping you ensure your home is termite proof!

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