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Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspection Are Experienced in Fire Damage Evaluation

If you’re home, office or building has recently been damaged by fire, Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspections can help. We understand the severity of fire, and that you’ve most likely not only had parts of your structure damaged, but lost valuable and irreplaceable items.

A fire damage evaluation from GCPPI is a quick and painless process. Our detailed report, outlining all damages, including everything from structural to electrical, will usually be in your hands within 24 hours of our evaluation.

Fire Damage Can Only Be Properly Evaluated by a Professional

The main reason why a fire damage evaluation is so important, is because fire damage can only be properly assessed by a professional. When it comes to fire, some of the damage it does to your home or office, can be hidden.

The skilled inspectors at Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspection, know exactly what to look for when carrying out their fire damage evaluation. When you enlist GCPPI to evaluate your fire damage, you’ll be given peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your home or office has been inspected efficiently.

Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Offer Advice on Expected Repair Costs

As part of our fire damage evaluation, we will also offer you advice on your expected repair costs. Our expert team has over thirty years of experience within the construction industry. When we provide you with information, you can be assured that it is accurate and credible.

GCPPI know that searching for repair quotes can be overwhelming, and some companies will happily over charge you. We encourage you to use the information we provide on your predicted repair costs, from your fire damage evaluation to help you search for repair quotes.

You Can Trust Us to Deliver Helpful Advice and Accurate Information

When you hire Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspections to complete a fire damage evaluation of your home, office or building, you can trust that the evaluation and advice we offer will be helpful and accurate.  We’re an independent inspections business, meaning we don’t have to answer to builders or construction companies. We only answer to you.

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