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Don’t judge a book by its cover (what lurks beneath?)

By February 5, 2019Uncategorized

You might think you are home alone, but what you don’t realise is that there could be un-welcomed guests hiding beneath your property. Although unnoticed by your eyes these creatures too love to breed under or inside your property and love to call it home.

Never judge a book by its cover, just because when you can’t see pests it doesn’t mean they’re not there. If you’ve seen one or two bugs, they probably have friends and family close by.

So, what could be lurking beneath the surface?


According to a 2014 research, 1 in 4 Australian homes will be affected by termites at least once. Termites can literally eat away the structure of your home, and if you’ve not been keeping up with your termite inspection as remedy it’s highly likely that your insurance will be void.

Bed bugs

They are probably lying underneath your blankets or pillows. Bed bugs live in your bedding, clothes, mattresses etc..and they can give a good bite as you sleep, leaving you with red blemishes on your skin. Bed bugs can cause allergies and asthma, so definitely not a welcome bed guest.


A common arthropod that strives to survive and reproduce using your resources! Cockroaches are nocturnal and they do most of their feeding and breeding at night. They love any place that is dark and enclosed where they can hide behind any surface. Cockroaches usually carry a multitude of diseases. Get a pest inspection to get rid of them for good.


Australia is home to more than 1,300 ant species, some poisonous ants too. These ants eat away food and electrical wiring and cables, making them risky guests! Watch out!


They are humble creatures until they start eating away your hard-earned investment. They tend to hide under your floors or in the ceiling. Clothes, furniture’s, wooden roofs are their favourite desserts. Don’t trust your eyes to catch them. Hire a pest inspection service.

Live a pest-free life on the Gold Coast

Don’t trust the naked eye to identify pests and rodents, Gold Coast Pre-Purchase Inspections are your recommended building and pest inspectors on the Gold Coast. Why not call us and live a pest-free life.

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