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A building and pest inspection for your investment property

By January 5, 2019Uncategorized
A building and pest inspection for your investment property | Building and Pest Inspections Gold Coast | Pre-Purchase Inspections

When we make purchases we tend to do our due diligence, we check prices, compare with other providers and check reviews. When it comes to buying a home, you need to use the same rationale.

Choosing the right building and pest inspection provider is an important decision, when you are essentially trusting their advice to make a 30-year investment.

So, what does make the perfect building and pest inspection service?

Let us understand the factors:

Pest inspection report

The building inspector will provide a pest inspection report after inspecting the whole property. It will include the details of the observation of infestation and remedies for a sustainable solution for preventing further infestations in the future.

Building inspection report

The perfect building inspector will provide a building inspection report identifying all the weaknesses, signs of damage, leakage and non-compliance issues. It will be a holistic report with a detailed description showing you effective measures and actionable plans to get the property in top shape.

Registered builder

To get a comprehensive building and pest inspection look for a building inspector that is also a registered builder. A registered builder is very familiar with the latest building standards and codes, so they will know if there are compliance issues in your property.

Independent of the real estate agent

Think twice before hiring the building inspector that your real estate agent recommends; choose your own so you can be assured they are unbiased.


The experience of your building inspector is vital for a quality and expert inspection on your property. Look out for companies that have more than 20 years+ experience.

Your building and pest inspections company should be able to provide a report within 24hours of your inspection, so you have access to all the facts in a timely manner.

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